Dancing With Silhouettes: Honest Thoughts About The Dark Side of Grief & Loss

Honest Thoughts About The Dark Side of Grief & Loss

There is a dark side, a shadow I’ve come to embrace on this grief journey. A thought of shattered glass, where life once thrived, Yet, within that darkness, I found a way to breathe life anew.

Those who haven’t lost a child may judge the darkness I embrace. My daughter’s death was violent; where is the beauty in that? There are days I chew on glass, crank up Five Finger Death Punch, run on the treadmill, harnessing anger, determined to override the mother’s heart that yearns for death, because dying means we would be together.

Judge me for the darkness I embrace, but beware, lest your life is touched by the ripping of lives lost in mere minutes. I don’t dip my toes in hatred or abuse; I don’t tolerate the mistreatment of the innocent. Let me be clear—those are not the silhouettes I dance with, never.

It’s the shattered glass and broken lives coexisting with mercy, Ask me how I know, for I have felt it all.

Brittany, how can it be that 19 years have passed since we last embraced? Do I run back toward the light, or am I merely compartmentalizing?

Whichever way I choose, this path works for me.

I will stand in this place, honoring the pain, doing it my way.

Embracing the depths of grief can feel like dancing with silhouettes—shadowy and uncertain.

It’s a journey through the dark side of loss, where pain and anger reside. In our culture, finding a safe space to express these emotions without judgment can be challenging.

At Serenity’s Solace, we understand the importance of honoring your emotions and pain. Our Stepping Stones mini-membership provides just that—a community where you can explore and embrace your feelings in a healthy, supportive way.

Each journal, mini-guide, and offering is thoughtfully designed to help you navigate the shadows of grief.

Join us as we walk this path together, embracing every step of the journey.

Explore Stepping Stones today to find solace amidst the silhouettes of grief.

Healing Together,


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